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Our Clash of Clans Hack & Cheats

Unlimited Gems & Coins For Game Domination

Gems and coins are expensive in Clash of Clans. Yet they're needed if you want to fully enjoy the game. It's going to be super hard to become good at the game unless you have gems as they're simply the most important currency in the game. You can get gems manually without Clash of Clans cheats, but it's super slow and will get you nowhere. There are gem boxes, but they're rare, and don't give you a lot of gems. Obtaining a lot of gems would take years by collecting them in this way. It is therefore that we have come up with The COC Hack. A hack in the form of an online generator that will allow you to get as many gems and coins you want at no cost.

What Exactly Does This Generator Do?

The generator will get you free gems without you having to do much. You simply give it your username, select the amount of resources you desire, complete the human verification, and then you're set. Within a few minutes, you can have an abundance of gems in your account. Now the hack tool itself was not easy for us to create. Obviously, Supercell has made a lot of efforts to prevent people from hacking their game. Therefore we've had to spend months to try different injections, but finally, we managed to nail. Note that our tool is regularly updated, and we do everything in our power to prevent our users from getting banned. So far we're proud to say that no one has been banned from using our tool. We strive to keep it that way, which is only possible by constantly staying up to date on the game files and the updates. Therefore we spend a lot of time regularly updating the tool, listening to user feedback, and adding new, cool features for you to enjoy.

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Completely Free & No Surveys

Our Clash of Clans gem hack is completely free, and the fact that it's hosted online means that you won't have to download anything to your device. This ensures that you are 100% safe, and there are no risks of getting infected by anything. Our tool is completely clean and secure. Plus we've added anti-ban and encryption methods to keep your account secure. We are proud to be one of the only generators out there that do not ask our users to complete a survey. We do have a human verification test though, but it's required to keep bots out from abusing our tool. The verification itself won't take longer than a minute or two, and it is what allows us to keep the tool running. You may be wondering: Why are we providing this awesome tool for free? And yes, that is a great question. The thing is that we're a dedicated team of gamers, and we know how it feels when a game has that pay-to-win feeling. Therefore we want to help other gamers fully enjoy this fantastic game without having to spend hundreds of dollars on gems.

Features of the Clash of Clans Hack


Our cheats are super fast. Generating as many gems and coins as you want will only take you minutes.


Our generator is hosted online which means you don't need to download anything.

No Users Banned

We're proud to say that we've never had any users banned. We use encryption and anti-ban.

How To Hack Clash of Clans For Gems

  1. Go to the generator
  2. Enter your username
  3. Select amount of resources you desire
  4. ​Click "Generate"
  5. Verify you are human

As it can be seen above it is very easy to use our Clash of clans hack. 5 steps and you'll have your gems and coins. We don't know of any other generators out there that can get you unlimited gems for free within minutes. This is something that we're proud of, and something that makes our generator stand out. We still try to keep down the time, but you should be happy about the fact that you can get your resources within minutes.


We're happy to announce that our Clash of Clans Cheats are now fully compatible with all devices. We now support Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, Android, and so on. Virtually any device with an internet browser should be able to use our generator.  You guys have requested this compatibility for a long time, and we're happy to provide it to you. If for some weird reason you experience that the hack does not run on your device. Then please drop us a message through our "Contact us" page, and we will look into it and get back to you as soon as possible.

A Bit About The Game

You probably already know this, but Clash of Clans has taken the gaming world by storm. Ever since it was released in 2012 it has been recognized as one of the most popular mobile games of all time. And for good reason. The game is so entertaining, and you can just keep playing it because there are so many things you can do. The start of the game is super exciting, but so is the late game also. The game has truly defined what a good mobile game should be like to succeed. And it's amazing that the game still has such a big player base after so many years. As previously mentioned we love and still play the game. We solely released this generator to the public because we wanted to give other gamers the ultimate Clash of Clans experience that you get when you have unlimited gems and coins.

Clash of Clans is also beginning to extend to being more than just a video game. As it can be seen in the YouTube video below the game has launched a movie that is surprisingly good, and the community simply loves it.